What You Didn’t Know About Diabetes But Should!

Hi! I’m an older person who had to change doctors after about 50 yrs and wasn’t a happy camper.diabetes

When you do that you generally go through a series of exams and tests so that the new doctor gets a general picture of your health.

I was sent for a blood test and my blood sugar is at 380 mg/dl, 6 years ago it was at 135 mg/dl.

Now that set me up for an a1c blood test in 3 months. That’s a different measurement for glucose levels in your blood.

I don’t know what the results of the latest test are but I decided to learn more about diabetes.

I decided to pass that information on and created this video while trying to get more informed on this subject.

Watch it at https://youtu.be/mN0NKnc9BQE



Rich Jablonski






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