“A Know-all Short Report On The Foundations Of Diabetes”

This report will give you some basic information about diabetes.

Understanding The Basics Of Diabetes

You’ve heard of the term “diabetes” and have a general understanding of what the disease is.

It’s a disease in which the blood glucose levels are higher than they should be.

Special Note: Glucose also means sugar.

The condition develops because the sugar cannot get into the cells, which means they starve for sugar.

Think of it as a person being around all the good food, but the mouth is sewn shut and they are unable to eat – pretty much the same thing.

There are an estimated 17 million Americans who have diabetes with one-third who don’t even realize they have the disease.

That’s a real problem!

After all, diabetes can lead to an array of health problems, including but not limited to:

• Blindness
• Heart disease
• Kidney failure
• Amputations in the lower extremities (think toes, feet and legs)

In just the U.S., diabetes is the sixth leading cause of death, and that’s because most have developed heart disease.

A person with diabetes as the same risk of having a heart attack as a person who has already had one.

This is why diabetics are advised to speak with their physicians and follow their physician’s advice at all times.

They must get regular check-ups and have their cholesterol and blood pressured monitored often.

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